How to Get Comfortable and Safe Travel on A Motorcycle Trip

How to Get Comfortable and Safe Travel on A Motorcycle Trip

The recommendations for traveling by motorcycle do not beat more if it is your first trip. That is why it is essential that you consider the following tips to be comfortable and safe on the roads of the country. As you, do not want to get penalties by any wrong drive or breaking the law. Admittedly, that could prevent you safety & happy traveling.

For example, the most important is to define the duration of the trip. Review the weather forecast along the journey and especially the destination. In the same way, these conditions will allow you to select the necessary garments very well and not carry the entire luggage on the motorcycle.

Also, it is recommended that you wear great protective equipment to use along the way. That is a certified best motorcycle helmet, boots that cover the ankles, a jacket, gloves, and pants with protection. Also, to wear a raincoat if the weather conditions worsen.

A counter manager of Royal Enfiled in Colombia, recommends two accessories of great support at the time of travel, a device that has GPS to avoid losses on the road and an external charger for cell phones. As in the case of running out of charge, you can access this during on the way.

Before the trip try to take the motorcycle to an authorized service center and inform about the route to be made and the duration in Km. The aid and maintenance premises have an established protocol to check the motorcycles before embarking on a long walk.

It is also vital to check the condition of the tires. This essential element must have the pressure recommended by the manufacturer and without cracks that have the tread, with channels of water evacuation and have no abnormal bulges.

Other aspects of control are the speedometer to avoid infractions by speed limits. The fuel level indicator also prevents oil leaks and the suspensions working correctly.

During the trip, we must be cautious and have specific tools to solve an unforeseen event. As well, as respect the rules of transit and not put your life at risk, or that of the companion.

Check your motorcycle before you travel. Everything has to be in perfect condition, brake pads, greased and tensioned chains, correct oil levels, tires with the appropriate pressures and drawings, regulation of spring preload depending on the load to be transported. Note that a tire with pressure Incorrect is more comfortable to suffer a puncture and worse grip on the asphalt with the danger of accident that entails.

Prepare the itinerary

It is advisable to prepare the itinerary in advance and even arrange accommodation in advance. Roads on less-traveled roads are often more beautiful than on motorways. Travel unhurriedly and avoid driving at night, after eating and in the central hours of the day where the sun’s rays are fully functioning. Take advantage of the hottest hours to rest, eat or sightsee.

Carry Official Documents

Do not forget the updated documentation of both the bike and your own. Also, if you can carry a copy of the documentation of the bike and yours, and even the keys of the bike much better.

Organize the luggage correctly

When you have to carry luggage, it has to be proper order in hard and soft suitcases so that the weight distribution is balanced. Make sure your briefcases or backpacks are securely attached and if you fit a top-case and go without a passenger, it is preferable that you install a high dome or screen that diverts the airflow over the suitcase and thus the bike has more stability. Also, if you are very heavy, we advise carrying a bag over a tank to compensate for the weight of the back of the motorcycle. Remember that the more weight, the less agile the driving. Do not forget in your luggage a small medicine chest without missing an ointment for possible insect bites and wipes that are cleaned by mosquitoes from the helmet or whatever is needed.

Here we tell you how to order luggage for a motorcycle trip.

  1. Travel with a wardrobe and equipment that protects you. The high temperatures of summer coupled with a motorcycle always have to go with helmet; jacket and pants with protections can make us enjoy less of the bike. However, there are already many brands of clothing that offer biker clothing for the summer. Remember to add a water suit to any unforeseen events. Find out in this link about the costumes to ride a motorcycle in summer.
  2. If you travel in a group. In this case, it is useful to have intercoms, if you do not have them programmed the stops in the route mainly taking into account the autonomy of the deposits. If you are many bikes, it is safest to travel in small groups and in a stepped way to facilitate overtaking. Keep the safety distance between you and make it wide zigzag, so you get compact and safe. More tips for group routing.
  3. During the trip. In summer, it is important to hydrate yourself periodically to avoid heat stroke and dizziness. It is advisable to make stops every little time, minimum every two hours.
  4. Some useful ideas. It may be practical to carry a large piece of plastic to cover a possible nap in the middle of the field. It is advisable to take the necessary clothes and wash it in the laundry services or washing machines you find in hotels, hostels … or you can even send dirty clothes from any post office for a not very high price. You can also use this mail service with purchases that you can make during the trip.


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