hit the reset button

Hit the reset button

Our family is less than two months away from Damien’s last day at work. The weeks and days sometimes seem beyond full. Both of us adults have our regular work commitments. Damien’s job as a computer programmer/systems analyst at the college. And my job of home management, cooking, home education and child raising.

Hit the reset button

On top of this already full-time work, we are downsizing our belongings, renovating the house, and getting ready to earn an income from home once we move.

It’s a lot, and it’s about as much as I can take. The last time I remember going through such an intense season of life with a big deadline looming was twelve years ago when I was finishing my degree, student teaching and in the third trimester of pregnancy with Celine. That too was almost as much as I could take. But you know what? I survived. I’ll survive this also. (At least this is what I keep telling myself).

It’s necessary when you go through an extended period of intense focus and activity to let a few things slide. Here are just a few compromises we’ve made to stay sane and healthy during this difficult period.

stay sane and healthy


Something we are not willing to compromise though is our weekend hikes – our commitment to spend one day a week together outdoors.

Except for extreme circumstances or inclement weather that threatens our safety and poses real discomfort we have stayed true to being outdoors one day a week together. Even though these problematic winter months of moving preparation.

  • Has this been easy? Heck No!
  • Do I question this steadfast decision each weekend as we scramble to get ourselves out the door? Almost always.
  • Looking back on each weekend do I regret one minute we’ve spent hiking together when we could have been painting, packing, writing, or cooking? Not a chance.

hiking together


It occurred to me a couple of weeks ago while on the trail that our weekly hikes are like the reset button on our lives. We often hit the trailhead a little wound up from the week’s hectic pace, sometimes burdened with stress and worry.

But there is something about the physical exertion, the beauty of nature, and the conversations we have on the trail that takes us back to center. When the balancing act of home life, employment, and moving preparation feels near the edge of chaos our time in nature puts everything in its proper place and gives perspective.

proper place and gives perspective

Our regular weekend hikes pull us back from the edge and set us firmly on the path of “stay focused, keep dreaming, this too shall pass, remember to breathe, trust, and enjoy the journey.”

For me, it’s like hitting the reset button on life.

hit the reset button

Can you relate? What does your family do to hit the reset button and help you stay on course, especially during a difficult season of life?

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