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Six best essential equipment for travel vlogging – Short but instant guide

Vloggers have a bunch of needed gears to make their videos best. But whenever it’s about the travel vlogging, you can’t go with all of them. Here you have to select the most needed gears smartly. Travel vlog gears have heavyweight, and so they are inconvenient to carry. It’s too confusing to decide what to take and not. What to do in that case? Don’t worry. In this article, we are going to make a short list for you based on the necessary travel vlog equipment you should carry with you.

Let’s get started.

The Equipment List In short

If you have a huge collections find the gears suggested below and packed them to take on your next mission. But if you are a beginner we are going to recommend you good products along with the brief discussion on them to make you lucid. So, first check out the list what you shout carry with you.


  • Sports Camcorder
  • Lens
  • Sound and Lightning Gears
  • Extra Batteries
  • Tripod
  • Backpack


Sports Camcorder

To make the best quality video with incredible captures, a good quality Sports video camera is a must. In fact, your success in this sector depends a lot on a good camera. In travel vlogging, you have to deal with the shaking condition, low light shooting, unfavorable environment. You can handle them easily with a better camera. Here is some suggestion for you. You can also learn more about the best sports video camera

  • Sony A7S II: This large sensor mirrorless camera can be your desired collection. The outstanding quality and portable size are just perfect to carry it anywhere easily. Besides, there is an audio jack option for a better sound.
  • Canon G7X II: This camera is awesome for the beginners. Along with the mind-blowing quality, it has a perfect size to carry conveniently. The easy options make it easy to use.
  • Canon 70d/80d: 80d is the upgraded version of the 70d camera. Though both of them are excellent in quality 80d has some advanced features. You can choose any of them because both of them are great in quality. They can make great slow motion videos.


You can check them out if they are according to your desire. Also, Panasonic GH4 and Sony Alpha 6500 can be a good choice. It’s better to take advice from the professional before you buy.



The lens is the second essential gear you need. In fact, it’s useless to have a camera without a good lens. The lens does the job of capturing a video more naturally and correctly as well. You will find a variety of lenses that will make you confuse which one you should buy. Here what you need to check while purchasing a lens.

  • Wide Angle: Most lenses don’t have a wide angle ability. With those lenses, videos come out like a bigger you with a short background. Travel bloggers often want a wide background along with their full front image. It’s only possible with a wide angle lens.
  • Excellent Zoom Quality: This is the main purpose to get a lense. Check if the video quality remains the same and don’t fade away after zooming.
  • Excellent Brightness: Your lense should have the ability to work well in low light. Brightness is an important option to check while purchasing a lens.

Sound and Light Gears

Do you know your viewer depends on the sound quality often? Yes, it’s true. Most viewers can ignore a messy video but never a bad quality sound. You have to be very careful about the sound. For a better sound, you can have-

  • RODE NTG2: It’s a good one that records clear sound in case of a litter distance set up. You may try it out.
  • Smartphone: Your smartphone can be a great recording device. Just turn on the recording option and go with it.
  • Zoom H1: Zoom H1 provides excellent quality and do not record the unnecessary noise. It works smartly.

Though making videos outside do not need that much lightening coverage but still in case of night shot and low light a multiple light holder works great.

Extra Battery

You should have a battery backup of every single device wherever you go. Because there is no surety of long-lasting battery life. It can say goodbye anytime. So, to face that situation easily carry extra batteries with you.  


This three-legged device will help you set your camera stable. When you can’t hold the camera a tripod can help you maintain it the way you want. Though many things it’s not that necessary, it is a needed gear that allows a lot to set your camera in a fixed position.


After getting all the equipment, they are ready to get packed. Select a lightweight bag to pack your devices. As the gears are already massive, a heavy bag will make it uncomfortable to carry even more. Purchase a lightweight waterproof bag to protect your expensive gears.


So, this is all you need in your travel vlog equipment packing. Go with them and make outstanding videos for your viewers. Throughout the extra burden and go light to have a relaxable journey.

Hope the article was helpful. Thanks for being with us until the end.

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